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1. Our self-esteem has a huge impact on the success or failure of our relationships. Dr. Collins will teach you the two important skill necassary to raise your self-esteem and have a happier, more successful life.
2. Learn all about the "Romantic Love" stage. It feels so powerful and so wonderful that you think that it must be real love. It is NOT!
3.Dr. Collins will help you to navigate--successfully--the power struggle that is inevitable in all love relationships. Understanding what to expect and how to deal with it effectively is incredibly helpful. You, also, need to know about the four deadly "sins" that will bring down a relationship. 
4. And, finally, Dr. Collins will make sure that you know all about the "secrets' to creating and maintaining a "Till-Death-Do-Us-Part" successful love relationship.  You will , also, have the necessary skills to acomplish this goal.