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A Whole New World … A Whole New You!
Join thousands of people who have shed their bad habits and emotional pain. Celebrate your daily life and all of your successes without unhealthy feelings of inadequacy and failure. Turning your life around requires one call to Meadowsview Counseling Center. If you do nothing, months down the road you’ll still be struggling. We can help you start your journey to a new, self-confident and happier person. Your investment in our services will pay personal dividends for life. 
Whether you want help with personal growth or relationships for yourself, your child, or adolescent, Dr. Collins has the answers and will be delighted to help.
Personal Growth
Dr. Collins can help you:
  • Build your self-esteem. (It's our life work)
  • Eliminate your inner critic.
  • Improve communication skills and embrace assertiveness.
  • Learn to deal with anger constructively.
  • Handle depression effectively without long-term medication.
  • Learn to think rationally.
  • Conquer worry, anxiety, fears, and phobias.
  • Eliminate addictions and co-dependency.
  • Feel better, look better, be healthier, and live longer.
  • Learn to manifest your desires.
  • Use Past Life Regression Therapy as a tool for growth. (Trained with Dr. Brian Wiess)
  • Have a fulfilling life, have more fun, be happier, and brighten up your life.
  • Become the person you imagine being.
Dr. Collins can help if:
  • You want a clear understanding of the dynamics of a relationship.
  • You have a good relationship and want to take it to a whole new level and make it a phenomenal one.
  • You want to ‘design' your ideal mate.
  • You are beginning a relationship you want to keep. (Falling in love is easy, staying in love takes skill)
  • You are in a difficult relationship and want to resolve longstanding conflicts.
  • You are near break-up and want to decide if the relationship can be saved.
  • You are a parent and are interested in creating a superior nurturing climate for your children.
  • You want to develop and nurture healthy, life-long friendships.
Will you join the thousands of others who have turned their lives around successfully?
The decision is simple.
After all …
  • Why look and feel a day older than you are?
  • Why have health problems?
  • Why waste another day feeling upset or depressed?
  • Why squander another minute dealing with emotional pain and confusion?
Get healthy in mind, body, and spirit the easy way… through education, coaching, therapy, and hypnosis with Dr. Carol J. Collins. She’ll be delighted to work with you!
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